FINO – Qadar Aapki Mehnat Ki

As per the RBI report on Indian household finance, it takes more than 7 hours, 3 visits and a day’s wage to open a bank account. FINO Payments Bank, a people’s bank majorly targets labour class, migrant workers and daily wager customers has simplified the entire process by opening an account in just 4 mins and has simplified it like any other routine activity. Our research clearly showed that our target customers finds banking very complex and time-consuming. By introducing biometrics and making the process paperless FINO completes the transaction quickly. This feature has been weaved around the concept of “Time is money” and time saved by easy banking can be used for productive purposes.”

“Qadar Aapki Mehnat Ki”, was the campaign hook to respect customers.

Print & BTL  |  Digital Support  |  TV & Radio Commercials

360º Campaign | 2017

Fino Payments Bank has built its products and services keeping in mind the hassles one faces while opening a bank account and utilizing various services.

The TVC campaign aims to reflect on the benefits the bank’s customers will experience. Summing up with “Qadar Aapki Mehnat Ki”,  We appreciate your efforts and care for your hard-earned money.

Quick A/C Opening

Easy Banking



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